Rome Blur Men's Snowboard 2020

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  • Overview
  • The high octane screamin’ demon.
Ability Advanced-Expert
Camber Profile Fusion Camber
Flex Stiff
Shape Directional
Terrain All Mountain, Freeride, Powder
Core AirPop Core Matrix
Laminates Triax Fiberglass, Carbon
Base Sintered
Warranty 2 Years

Product details


The Blur is designed for riders who want to achieve terminal velocity without worrying about losing their edge. Featuring Rome's lightest materials and Carbon Dual Arc Turbo Rods that run along the board’s edge, this puppy snaps harder than chop sticks under a semi-truck. With hybrid Fusion Camber and glass impact plates to help you ride away from even the sketchiest of landings, the Blur leaves everything else in the dust.

Camber Profile

Fusion Camber – Positive camber through most of the running length, with rocker starting just before the contact points. When loaded with rider energy, the contact points "roll back" giving the tip and tail a small amount of added rise.




Directional – These boards feature noses that are larger than their tails to help you ride faster in deep snow. The stances are set back slightly to maximize this sidecut-to-stance relationship.


AirPop Core Matrix – Five zones of ultralight woods and air channels combine with snappy poplar for maximum lightweight response.


45 / 90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate – Rome added this innovative laminate layer. It integrates carbon bundles into a 45-degree layer to the top of the core with a 90-degree layer below the core.

Glasspack Impact Plates – The corners of your bindings put a lot of force on your snowboard when you load energy into the board or when you land big drops. So Rome places Glasspak Impact Plates under the four corners of your bindings to absorb and disperse energy before it has a chance to compress the core. The result is 2.5X greater strength

TurboRods | Carbon Dual Arc – Rome's TurboRod technology puts pop-enhancing rods inside of sleeves for more dynamic response in the tip and tail. Because the rod moves independently from the sleeve, it is able to load more energy and increase pop. The Dual Arc places long rods along the edges to add a ton of extra twisting power for superior response edge to edge, and explosive power into pow slashes and ollies.


SinterSpeed Base – Speed matters, whether you want to glide smoothly through powder or whether you want to make sure you clear the knuckle. For Rome's higher end boards, this is the base that ensures you get to the line first and you land in the sweet spot.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Inserts

Board Size Chart
Size (cm) 156 159
Effective Edge (mm) 1225 1255
Waist Width (mm) 253 254
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.88 7.99
Stance Setback (mm) 20 20
Stance Range (in) 19.5 - 24.15 20.5 - 25.25
Stance Range (mm) 495 - 615 520 - 640
Rider Weight (lbs) 120-185 145-210