Rome D.O.D. 2021 - Men's Snowboard Bindings

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Ability Intermediate-Advanced
Flex Medium - Stiff
Binding Mount Pattern 2x4, Channel
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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The D.O.D. is built for riders who see the whole mountain as their park. Designed with a press-friendly flex pattern, thanks to its newly redesigned glass-filled Anti-Shock highback and FullWrap platform, the
D.O.D is stable at speed but still playful enough to tweak mid-rotation.


Flex Rating – Medium - Stiff


30% Glass, 85% Nylon

V-Rod SubBase Pad – Rome combines edge-to-edge power with side-to-side flexibility and improved board flex by reducing the material in contact with your snowboard. Minimum footprint with maximum board feel.

Full Wrap Chassis - Redesigned, recalibrated and reenergized, our FullWrap
platform is pure power and maximum energy transfer. The all-new FullWrap platform is a sturdy, bombproof chassis that loves to send it.


Full Highback Rotation – Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so it aligns with the heel edge of their board. Being able to adjust the highback provides better power transfer, more tweakability and proper edge hold.

AntiShock 2.0 Highback – Built with an active hinge for impact absorption and pressability.

Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster


Ultralight Ankle Strap – Enjoy superlight mid-range support thanks to a combination of an injected EVA pad and an interlocking TPU band down the middle of the strap. The result is a super comfortable, mid-flexing ankle strap.

Progrip Toe Strap - Powered by AuxTech™, this innovative network of small hinges provides unmatched hold and locked-in grip

AuxTech™ - Auxetic patterns are geometric patterns that become thicker perpendicularly when stretched. Think of them as a network of tiny hinges that when pressure is applied, actually expand and open. This creates a more direct connection to the boot.