Dakine Brass Tuning Brush

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A tuning brush is a crucial part of regular base maintenance and conditioning. In brushing down your base before waxing to clean out debris, and brushing after waxing to bring back the structure of the base for an optimal ride, a good brush can be your skis or snowboard's best friend. Dakine's Brass Brush is slightly larger than the standard, meaning more surface area to work with. The stiffer bristles of brass make for a much faster job than nylon, and work well with all waxes.


4" x 2.25" (10 x 6 cm) Working Area


Multi-Use Brass Tuning Brush

Clean and Expose Base Structure Prior to or After Waxing

Helps Enhance Structure in Base for Spring Riding

Brush Use – Always use brush in the same direction. Work from tip to tail. Use before waxing to clean base. Use after waxing to expose base structure.