Crab Grab Mini Claws Traction Pad

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These peel and stick, textured claws allow you to customize your topsheet giving you extra grip exactly where you want/need it. Whether you're getting after some one footed tricks, or simply looking to get off the chairlift without doing a groin splitter: Mini-Claws are the perfect solution.

Feel free to stick these things (almost) ANYWHERE you need grip: cell phones, computers, school binders, water-bottles, pets, etc.

• C-Foam - Crab Grab's specifically formulated rubbery foam blend that's lightweight, heavy duty, and grabs like a crab.
• Screw Glue™ - Glued on. Like it was screwed on.
• Gripples - The signature texture: tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness.