Top 5 Men’s Snowboards for the 2021 Season

Yeah, you already have a nice board, but is “nice” good enough?

Snowboarding as we know it was born in Muskegon, Michigan in 1965, when a guy by the name of Sherman Poppen tied two skis together, attached a rope on the end, and combined the words “snow” and Surfer” & came up with the name “Snurfer” to describe his invention.

Sherman was just trying to get his daughters out of the house to give his pregnant wife a little peace and quiet, instead he created the past time we all now know and love as snowboarding! Jump ahead to spring 2020, and snowboards have come a long way from Sherman’s makeshift vision. There is an almost endless selection of brands, shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and about every customization you can think of. But, don’t worry, of course Blauer Board Shop is here to help sift through it all and find the best selection of new boards for the 2021 season!

New 2021 Snowboards

It’s spring, getting on the slopes is months away, and what better way to pass the time than to check out the newest and greatest in snowboards and snowboard technology. Maybe you already have a board, and sure it’s probably nice… but is nice good enough? No!

So, check out what our choices are for your next upgrade before the next season starts. Let’s get to it, here’s our Top 5 Men’s Snowboards for 2021!

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