Arbor Fish Solstice 37" Complete Longboard

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Fish Profile – A compact pintail with an extended wheelbase and mellow flex for around town cruising and lower speed carving.


7 Maple Plies with Arbor's Premium Palisander Wood Top – Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply; wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products. Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers.


180 mm Paris 50° Trucks – Reverse Kingpin


Arbor Easyrider Series - Mosh Wheels – The Mosh is for hybrid riders who enjoy a good cruise and then some. You’ll get an easy release for slides thanks to the symmetrical lip profile and the medium height allows for quick acceleration without losing roll speed whether you’re late for work or out mixing it up around town.

Thane Amber Formula – For all you schlubbers out there, the thane formula was designed to deliver exceptional drift performance. Dump urethane on any road with confidence and style.

Fusion Formula – Performance, durability, reduced petroleum.

Momentum Core – The Momentum Core is all about a smooth riding experience for midday missions or longer commutes. Arbor gave the 38mm core a higher center ridge that allows the urethane to stay true to shape and effectively dampen bumpy rides without sacrificing speed or maneuverability on your daily journeys.

Size – 65mm

Durometer – 78a

Contact Patch – 36mm

Offset – 0.0mm


ABEC 7 with Spacers

Grip Tape

Lucid Grip – Clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass.

Additional Features

Arbor Certified Complete – Certified Arbor Completes are fully assembled skateboards built using high-end materials. Certified Completes all start with a handmade Arbor deck. The angle, geometry, size, placement of hardware, and, of course, the environment are all considered when packaging a complete. Look for this certification when buying your Arbor decks to ensure you're getting the best!

Boarding for Breast Cancer – A portion of all Solstice Collection sales benefit Board for Breast Cancer.

Solstice Collection – A collection of women's specific skateboard designs, developed in conjunction with Arbor's favorite chicas. @arborgirls

1/8" Paris Risers